Our laboratories and manufacturing facilities are co-located at our site in Nottingham, UK, with easy links to road, airport and train networks. From here we provide comprehensive formulation development, analytical, characterisation and GMP compliant manufacturing capabilities. This unique combination on one site provides responsive and integrated services.

We have specialist expertise in the development of “challenging” compounds and aim to adopt a science based strategy to your formulation development requirements by considering the physiochemical properties of the drug substance, the end use need and the destination of delivery. We can offer approaches such as particle size reduction (down to nano-scale), solid solutions/dispersions, self emulsifying systems (e.g. SEDDS or SMEDDS) or spray dried drug-polymer matrices. All enabling process that allows us to develop of a diverse range of dosage forms:

  • Solid oral dosage forms (immediate and modified release)
  • Particulates (DPIs / nasals).
  • Liquids
  • Topicals

Our team of seasoned experts coupled with our expanding facilities enable us to deal with poorly water soluble / bioavailable molecules, potent and controlled drug substances. Our customisable service allows you to structure a development programme fit for your needs and budget.

Our MHRA approved facilities now provide additional cGMP, packaging, analytical and development laboratories and include:

  • 7 cGMP manufacturing suites (potents and non-potents)
  • Formulation development labs (potents and non-potents)
  • Analytical development and QC laboratories
  • Chemical, physical and solid state characterisation suites
  • Packing and warehousing
  • MHRA audited, USA, EU, Asia and Australian client audits