Our dedicated R&D facility in Nottingham, is equipped and staffed to provide rapid screening for formulation options through to tailored investigations and full development programmes.

We have invested in a broad array of technical equipment, operated by our experienced team, to deliver fit-for-purpose formulations or the most challenging of pharmaceutical development projects.

Our capabilities incorporate a platform of Enabling Technologies for overcoming API permeability and solubility issues. Including:

Our current capabilities enable us to develop and assess the following dosage forms:

  • Solid oral dosage forms
    • API in capsules
    • API in bottles
    • Conventional tablet and capsule formulations (immediate and controlled release)
  • Semi-solid dosage forms
    • Creams, ointments and gels
  • Inhaled dosage forms
    • Dry powder inhalation formulations
  • Non sterile liquid dosage forms
    • Suspensions and solutions

In addition to formulation capabilities our R&D facility is comprehensibly equipped with analytical and characterisation tools, second to none in the CRO industry. Our experienced team can concurrently undertake analytical method development to support an expedited route to clinical trials. Our advanced characterisation expertise can probe the chemical, physical and material properties of a formulation, bringing critical and timely insights to our science-driven approach to development, ensuring your product will move quickly to clinic.