Analytical Characterisation

Juniper Pharma Services was founded on our expertise in analytical characterisation and understanding of pharmaceutical formulations, expertise which has been routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry for nearly two decades to assist with their products.

In addition to understanding the physico-chemical properties of API via preformulation, we routinely assess the material properties of formulated drug products, for all dosage forms.

Whether you are faced with a development problem, need additional expertise or require consultancy for establishing your IP position, we have the experience and expertise to help you move forward.

Our Analytical Characterisation services include:

  • Understand and interrogate the robustness of prototype formulations (developed by our Clients or in-house)
  • Understand product stability
  • Understand drug in polymer stability
  • Understand batch-to-batch variability
  • Strengthen Quality-by-Design projects

We offer a number of innovative problem-to-solution approaches that are renowned for resolving some of the toughest issues in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug substance and formulation optimisation.  Our expertise is backed by a wide range of equipment, providing rapid understanding throughout development, scale-up, manufacture and life-cycle management.