Detailed Investigation

When a client approaches us, we start by listening to gain understanding and then discuss possible analytical strategies to aid the development and delivery of a customised research package.

It is impossible to list every type of question we get asked during drug development, scale-up and manufacturing but here is an at-a-glance view of the types of issues we work to resolve:


  • API batch-to-batch processing variability
  • Unwanted drug cohesion / aggregation / agglomeration
  • Drug instability
  • Drug in polymer stability
  • Problems with flow / compaction and granulation
  • Formulation out of specification root cause analysis
  • Formulation instability
  • Advanced imaging to optimise formulation process
  • Changes on scale-up
  • Supplier changes
  • Assessment of optimum processing properties
  • Surface chemical optimisation
  • Controlled release coating failures


  • Optimisation of lyophilised and polymeric based products
  • Solid state analysis for optimisation of colloidal, nanoparticulate and microparticulate products
  • Chemical mapping and imaging to study content uniformity
  • Aggregation studies
  • Formulated product–tertiary and solid state structural determination
  • Surface analysis and optimisation of delivery systems
  • Ligand-receptor binding studies