Capsule filling

Here at Juniper Pharma Services, our expert team can provide you with a wide range of capsule filling solutions depending upon your requirements, including:

• Drug-alone encapsulation
• Powder blend or granule formulations
• Controlled-release (multi-particulates)
• Liquid/semi-solid formulations
• Over-encapsulation

Our capsule filling equipment includes Xcelodose precision powder dispenser, IN-CAP and IMA 12E capsule filling machines. We also have experience in producing coated capsules e.g. for enteric protection.

With all of our clinical manufacturing services, we aim to help get clients to clinical trials with minimal risk, a scalable process and a solid understanding of their compound.

As a science-led CDMO, we support pharmaceutical companies and virtual businesses that want to progress their clinical development program in a safe, efficient and methodical manner.

If you are interested in our capsule filling services, then please contact our team today.