Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Our pharmaceutical spray drying capabilities can help your products on their journey to clinical success.

Taking a science-led approach, our expert team can help you make critical decisions at an early stage in the drug development process and guide you to a development pathway that will be time, cost and volume efficient. Spray drying is one of several routes that can be adopted to optimise formulation performance as part of our enabling technologies platform.

In 2016, we made a substantial investment into our spray drying capabilities, enhancing and extending our ability to help drug developers with both simple and complex formulation challenges.

As well as providing bench-top scale spray drying to support your early phase proof-of-concept projects, we can now support later clinical phases and niche commercial scale manufacturing.

Using a PSD-1, manufactured by GEA Niro, we provide pharmaceutical spray drying for both aqueous and solvent based formulations. Our PSD-1 allows us to provide particle engineering and amorphous materials to help you with solubility and bioavailability challenges.

Spray drying forms an important part of our ‘ROADMAP to Clinical Trials’ enabling technologies screening platform, which aims to streamline the development of effective and bioavailable drugs.

If you would like to learn more about our pharmaceutical spray drying capabilities, then please contact our team today.